Creative & Professional Event Photography


Hi I’m John, an Inverclyde Event Photographer and the guy behind the camera. You can read more about my photography journey on my About Me page however for now let me introduce myself and my style of photography.

If you were to ask me which type of photography I loved the most, it would be event photography. Why? Well whether you’re having an event to celebrate the birth of a child, a birthday party or a charity night, it’s a huge deal to you and I love nothing more than to capture the emotion and moments that make that event.

For events I go for the natural, often called documentary, style of photography which means that you and your guests are free to enjoy the day / night without having to worry about posing for photos until your cheeks hurt with smiling. Of course that doesn’t mean that I won’t ask you to pose for some photographs however the posing part is often very short and made fun.

I aim to capture the smiles, the laughter and most importantly the emotions from your event. Of course this doesn’t just apply to you but also from your guests who often give great “unaware of the camera” poses.

You can view some of y previous event work in the galleries shown below.


You may have spotted that I offer a single rate for events which may seem a little different from other photographers and be questioning why do I do this. 

Well lets start with the background to this. I spent the first two years of being a professional photographer charging events based on how long I was there and how many photos the organiser wanted but I soon realised that this was actually a really unfair way of doing things.

I took a step back and thought about things from a clients perspective and soon realised that the most important thing at an event was to make sure that he key moments were captured. Beyond this I realised that if I had organised an event, I’d be wanting all of the images that the photographer delivered. Asking someone to pick 30 images from over 300 some times was just not right so with these new insights I changed my pricing structure to make sure my clients got the best.